Preparing for Takeoff

Hi Hi Friends!

So it’s officially May 1st. THE DAY IS HERE. omgomgomg. Pardon my excited outburst; be thankful that you don’t have to hang out with me on the way to the airport.  I’ll be up in approximately 5.5 hours. That’s the one thing I’m really dreading tomorrow.  I’m nervous and excited and I don’t know how to control the combination of the two.  The result is basically a stressed out Al.  But I keep reminding myself that it’s going to be so worth it for the experience I’m gaining.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some internet connection to keep you folks updated and who knows, maybe I’ll even get lucky and be able to include a few pictures of my adventures (volcanoes, waterfalls, etc.).  If I’m not able to access the web, just keep me in your prayers and I’ll fill you all in as soon as I get home (it’ll be a welcome cleaning break from the un-packing of my college life that awaits me in my room at home).  

On a side note, in case you missed from my picture – I’m bringing gauchos back.  Y’all can enjoy this fashion trend. I mean, they say that fashion trends come back, right?


I better get some shut eye so I can be somewhat functioning tomorrow. I’m just grateful that I’m going to a place that’s known for their coffee.  

Goodnight my lovely followers.


Yours Truly,

Al the Coffee Addict

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