Hello world!

This blog was birthed out of a combination of circumstances.  A professor suggested this site as a way for students to build their own websites for a project we are completing in class.  Web design doesn’t really fit into my current project but I’ve always wanted to get into blogging.  The second contributor that led to the fact that I’m sitting at my kitchen table typing away at this first post that hopefully won’t bore you to tears is my impending adventure to a tropical getaway where I will be spending three weeks traveling and teaching a workshop on innovation.  I want a way to journal my experiences and share them with the world.  The third was a conversation with a friend the other day – he suggested to me that I try to capture my pure thought.  By this, he meant that I should write down every thought I had while at the keyboard, no censoring, and just go with it.  Document my true self.  So this is what I’m trying to do with this blog.  I’m still working at a proper name, so forgive the lack of creativity in my title choice at the moment.   This blog will be an insight into my life and it is my hope that at least someone will find it worth reading.  enjoy.

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